about me


Looking for a guide to a happy life or unique art photography and ask yourself: What do I have if you visit my blog?

I am a storyteller / problem solver / art photographer with a unique and unique way of working.

There are three key differences in how my work differs from others:

1) Use a tried and tested solution concept for my stories that has been tried and tested in practice.

2) Provide help for self-help.

3) My photographs are monochrome in sharp / blurred technique and in red.

My key experience was in the conversation, where I saw the radiance in my eyes, solving the problem with solution-oriented thinking.

My mission is to help people. Solve your problems that arise in everyday life.

To enable you a happy contented life.

The vision to make the world more beautiful with my art photographs and to make people more trouble-free.

Gained experience in solving problems, in conversations and writing stories on my blog. Over the years of photography. In the art by designing and implementing ideas with creative techniques.

I was inspired by the stories of the lateral thinkers Anja Förster and Peter Kreuz. This leads to discussions with solution-oriented solutions for problem solving.

Important life maxims get from coach Orlando Owen with his masculinity training.

The life vision, intention, gut feeling and the good qualities of the real strong man help me to master the many tasks in life.

And now I invite you to look at my blog.