Achieve more success with creativity.

My goal is to have more success in life.

The problem is not to think in known ways of thinking.

Conflicts quickly arise between ideas and feasibility.

I want to change my life with the tactics:

– Try to develop ideal pictures and your own style.

– working with ABC lists of technique by Vera F. Birkenbihl. Also known as stimulus word technique.

– relax and distract. I always have good ideas for a walk and a quiet place.

– Easier to generate the challenge.

– perceive the appropriate moment.

– at any time have a paperback to note down an incident.

– prove perseverance.

– gather knowledge.

– create appropriate framework.

– take a long time for creativity.

– Search for solutions in other industries and transfer them to your own.

– question existing solutions.

With the steps I should succeed in achieving success in life.