Adventure real, strong man become in today’s society.

I set out to become a real, strong man in an online coaching of Men’s Coach Orlando Owen. The goal is to get out to the man that women want but can not find.

The problem here is that this is no longer provided for in today’s society. Through the women’s movement, there is nowadays only the nice, soft-washed man who likes to end up in the friendship zone with women. Build up IKEA shelves, play the chauffeur at half past four in the morning when there’s a flat tire and the bad boy gets into the bedroom for lack of real life. The best friend hopes to come to the train but mostly in vain. Often treated by the women irreverent and bad.

There will be a real transformation from a nice man to a real, strong man. New attitudes, other values, emotions, actions and gut feelings that have to be revealed.

Replace old behaviors with new ones. Conflicts arise from not yet detached old habits.

The path will be the goal and a new challenge in life.

 real, strong man
real, strong man