Anxiety response – defeat – chance in ourselves.


Are you tired of failing in response to women?

Do you not feel the desire to create that in a playful way?

Why it is better to take other ways in the solution.

Are you also sceptical if you can ever do that?

Would you like to live in a happy partnership?

I support you in discovering the potential that exists for you to solve. To give you a happy life full of life.

I will help you to discover an individual solution.

Imagine telling a good friend in 10 years about how you have overcome your anxiety and defeated them once in a while.

What is different from in the future?

How will you know that a change has occurred?

The possible changes:

– sought more contact with people and conducted informal situational conversations.

– playfully conducted situational talks with women.

– freed from the pressure of having to achieve anything other than a good conversation.

– The woman no longer raised to the pedestal.

– found a vision for life and endless conversation.

– Self-esteem improved.

– the eye contact with women withstood.

Then develop goals and small achievable goals that you can achieve well. Everything starts with a different thinking and acting. Then there is nothing in the way of happiness with women.

The photo in the story is in the style of my SAATCHI style photography.

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