Civil courage, courage – the road to misery?

mut 2

As a Hartz 4 recipient, I am sick of being a citizen 2 class and to live on the bread crumbs that the rich leave me.
I wish to lead a normal dignified life.

My dream is to delight people with my art photography. With my stories to help people to help themselves with their problems.

I got a big problem because I followed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call for more courage and courage. From the Internet portal of the temporary work “” the demand “equal pay for equal work” and “hard wage claims” to lead wage negotiations with temporary employment agencies, followed.

Have implemented this during a job interview with the temporary employment agency Garant in Iserlohn. This has led to a 30% sanction from the job centre because of too high a desire for wages.

After the sanction, a financial problem has arisen.

Get in trouble just because I’m committed to my values, Christian teaching and basic needs.

Got support from my mentor Orlando Owen in his MagickMale program.
Maintaining male strength and recognizing that it is worth fighting for the values ​​of our civilization.
Experiences accumulated in the coaching of Orlando Owen and thereby strengthened, strengthened. Having left my inner “wild man” free and benefiting from his good qualities.

Other mentors include Ulrich Wockelmann and lawyer Lars Schulte-Bräucker from the association aufRECHT e.V. in Iserlohn for help and support in legal matters.

The further plan is with the social court Dortmund my right and money to get back.

The photo in the story is in the style of my SAATCHI style photography.

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