In the downward pull – CDU, SPD – Acknowledgment from the citizen – Chance in the citizen?


Are you tired of not tackling important, urgent problems, but only moving into the distant future?
Do you want a vision for a better future for yourself and your children?
Do not you want to build your future on sand unsafe?

Do you want your problems to be perceived and resolved as a citizen?

Do you want to live a better life for the future?

I support you in discovering the potential that exists for you to solve. To help you shape that for a happy, fulfilling life.

Imagine telling a good friend in 10 years about how you live in a better environment now and how many urgent problems have been solved and how your life has improved in many areas.

What is different then in the future?

How will you know that a change has occurred?

The possible changes:

– They look forward to a safer, more social, better pension, which has been redesigned for successful models from other countries.

– The health system is more efficient, slimmer after the successful models of Holland and Nordic countries. The drug prices are no longer the highest in the world.

– There are lobbyists for the citizen and he is involved in solution processes.

– The gap between rich and poor has narrowed and the middle class has grown again.

– All companies pay fair taxes.

– Everyone has the same chance in the education system.

– under the hashtag #neue_chance_des_buergers citizens exchange ideas, present ideas, provide politicians with good ideas for action.

– To solve problems the way of the Japanese is applied. Copy, understand and improve the best solutions of others.

 Everything starts with a different thinking and acting. This results in goals and small achievable partial goals that are easily accessible.

The photo in the story is in the style of my SAATCHI type photography.

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