Affordable rentals – solution?


Are you tired of the fact that flats are hardly affordable any more?

Do you want a solid policy for affordable rents?

Do you want a safe rent level?

Do you want to live in a better financial life for the future?

I support you in discovering existing potential for a solution. To help you shape the solution to a happy financial life.

Imagine telling a good friend in 10 years about how you now have a safe affordable rent.

What is different from in the future?

How will you know that a change has occurred?

The possible changes:

– Leasehold for social housing.

– Cities provide cheap parking spaces in cities for cheap Tiny houses, houses on wheels with sanitary facilities.

– Cities on the water offer cheap moorings for houseboats.

– On industrial wasteland, the cities have the right of first refusal to make residential land with hereditary lease.

– Money laundering over real estate has been prevented.

– Speculative gains of land and houses is no longer worthwhile because of high taxation.

– Under the hashtag #neue_chance_des_buergers you can talk to others, present ideas that move politicians to action with good ideas.

Everything starts with a different thinking and acting. This results in goals and small achievable partial goals that are easily accessible.

The photo in the story is in the style of my SAATCHI ART photography.

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