Wage dumping ended by the citizen!


Are you tired of not being able to live from work?
Would you like a fairer wage?
Do you want to ensure fair pay?

Do you want to live a better life for the future?

I support you in discovering the implementation of the goal in you. To give you a happy life full of life.

Imagine telling a good friend in 10 years’ time how you have a fair wage right now.

What is different then in the future?

How will you know that a change has occurred?

The possible changes:

– Temporary work as for temporary work offers the agency for work and job centre with a fair, just reward.

– There is only the same pay for equal work without exceptions.

– There is a minimum wage without exceptions from which the workers can live.

– Job Center and Employment Agency lead a contemporary leadership style and no longer carrot and stick. Proven psychological behavioural concepts such as those from the book “switch” by Chip Heath / Dan Heath are implemented.

– Under the hashtag #new_chance_of_people you can talk to others, present ideas that move politicians to action with good ideas.

Everything starts with a different thinking and acting. This results in goals and small achievable partial goals that are easily accessible.

The photo in the story is in the style of my SAATCHI ART photography.

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