Finding talent and happy, successful at work.

My goal is to find my talent to succeed in the job.

The problem with discipline, perseverance and willpower can be achieved a lot, but to become truly exceptional is also a talent necessary in the selected activity.
Conflict often arises when money has to be earned and the activity is no fun. On Monday the weekend is not in sight and the week is drawing like chewing gum. When the lightness is lacking, an activity quickly becomes stressful and can result in burnout.

That’s why I’m looking for my talent to discover fulfillment with passion.

First, I am looking for activities and write them down. Activities such as ironing, writing, calculating and painting. From artistic activities, intellectual to artisanal. When watching TV, inspiration quickly fetched in illustrated activities. Collect over 3 weeks so I get a great variety.
The activities in the list, which I can 80% good, I emphasize green.
I underline the underlined green activities which I like to do.
My talent lies in the red underlined activities. Green underlined is ironing with me, but I do not necessarily like and bring nothing for the long day.