Work on recommendation in Dortmund. – “Northbound” project proposal.

News Message: Job – Jobcenter – Employment Agency in Dortmund – Recruiter / Recruiting Zero Gravity Thinker Approach in Personnel Marketing.

Are you tired of being unemployed and not being considered?

Do you want a better professional quality of life in Dortmund Nordstadt?

The good news: now work – job center and employment agency in Dortmund involved – the new recruiter / recruiting lateral thinker approach in personnel marketing makes it possible.

Through my: craftsmanship, creativity, mental techniques, thinking outside the box, talents, REFA methodology and coaching, I help you.

The work situation in the north of Dortmund, Dortmund, for the project round 2019 “northward”, as a work sample to 16i / participation social labor market following idea:

Long-term unemployed people get jobs from employers.

After the task is solved, the unemployed receive a rating from the employer about the most important work-related characteristics and soft skills.

Depending on the grade, it is a recommendation or not for the next potential employer.

This will enable better placement and job opportunities.

Work tasks are solved by different employers.

In this way, it comes to a meaningful result.

Help with the implementation and realization.