Come with pick-up sayings or with male essence into the heart of the woman.

My goal is to win the heart of a woman.
The Problem There are many paths and coaches that feel called to help you.
The quickest way to pick-up sayings, strategies of flirt and dating coach. Whether the gaming is not too short-term and risky and is punished?

The conflict that arises for me is if that is an honest path. In love, as you know, everything is allowed but whether it must necessarily belong to the deception. Figuratively speaking, it is a Porsche missing the engine, transmission and electronics. A beautiful appearance that lacks the substance.

The whole flies up at the latest when the woman looks you in the eyes and sees nothing. Worse maybe only the little boy noticed.

Then rather plan long term and do not build the house on sand. The path of the male essence is long and rocky but worth the effort. For me, the efforts to become a real, strong man do not feel too great for the long term goal.