Saying “No” finally makes you happy.

Are you tired of chasing after the dissatisfaction and the stress of the clock? Do not you also feel the desire for happiness and a relaxing working day?

Why it is important to act against the loss of too much work and to get ahead privately.

Do you have any doubts as to whether you can do it all?

Do not want to act as selfish, feeling sober? Do you have the desire to be needed?

I support you in saying “no”. To become happier and happier in life. It is difficult for me to say no, but it is not difficult to change.

I give you strategies on hand with which you can implement that well.

To live happily and liberated in the future. Fulfill wishes and achieve goals.

– Check the conversation before answering.

– educate about your circumstances.

– make the implications clear when you need to do something.

– demonstrate alternative possibilities.

– Work on another give that is not busy.

– recall the given assurance.

– remain friendly at all times, but binding.

– do not give an account.

– practice pronouncing the “no”.

The strategies will lead you to a happy life and the other will envy you.