Social safe pension – chance in us?

Are you tired of the fact that important, the urgent reform of the pension will not be tackled, but only postponed to the distant future?
Do you want a solid pension vision for a better future for yourself and your children?
Do not you want to build your pension unsafe on sand?

Do you want to live a better life for the future?

I support you in discovering the potential that exists for you to solve. To help you shape the pension for a happy and fulfilling life.

Imagine telling a good friend in 10 years about how you now have a secure social pension.

What is different then in the future?

How will you know that a change has occurred?

The possible changes:

– all pay into the pension fund with no exceptions.

– Private provision additionally possible in the pension fund.

– a capital contribution to the pension fund.

– on addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco percentage tax to the pension fund.

– Robot tax as compensation and financing of the pension fund.

– Financing additionally by a pension lottery. To gain a good lifetime pension.

– Income from own business, products of the pension fund.

– for profits of companies from a fixed amount a tax to the pension fund.

– under the hashtag #new_chance_of _the_people you can exchange ideas with others, introduce ideas that move politicians to action with good ideas.

 Everything starts with a different thinking and acting. This results in goals and small achievable partial goals that are easily accessible.

The photo in the story is in the style of my SAATCHI ART photography.

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